Course Description


The Curious Entrepreneur online course bridges the gap between curious entrepreneurs and ready-to-go entrepreneurs through storytelling and education.

To succeed in riding the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship in the long term, you need stamina (of mind and body). This course is grounded in MIT's Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework, is holistic in its approach, and is relevant globally.

The course is designed to give you a kit full of ‘Tools for life’ that will expand and evolve over time. You will learn to be more creative, become a better problem solver, embrace diversity, and learn to be more mindful about making what you do matter.

We will guide you through the moving parts of the complex journey that is entrepreneurship. We will help you trace a roadmap for your entrepreneurial journey, and place it firmly in your hands: the tools you will acquire throughout this course will serve you for your entire entrepreneurial lifetime.

Using MIT’s ‘New Venture Leadership’ framework, this course will be a constant companion on your entrepreneurial adventure, guiding you to discover your own personal strengths and traits as an entrepreneur as well as to explore, examine and question your business, product and market from the perspective of a curious entrepreneur.

The course incorporates two exclusive bespoke Guest Contributions. The first is from cultural travel and diversity expert Rebecca Fielding, Founder and CEO of Travel Unwrapped and DNA Unwrapped. Rebecca shows the importance of: gaining a better understanding of ourselves; unconscious bias; and learning to better understand others.

The second contribution is from Todd Johnson, Global Channel Leader of Entrepreneurship and Job Creation with Gallup: it introduces and explains a powerful Strengths Finder Tool that will help you gain a better understanding of your ‘entrepreneurial self’ - specifically, what your strengths and talents are, in an entrepreneurial context.

In the course we also examine 8 case studies of entrepreneurs from around the world - all solving real problems in innovative ways. This brings to life how richly diverse the entrepreneurial landscape is in terms of backgrounds and experience, how endless the combinations and possibilities are. This will inspire you to draw from your own unique repository of passion and experience.

Designed and taught by two female entrepreneurs with over 40 years corporate and startup experience between them, this course is the equivalent of something you’d get through one-on-one business consulting or a university entrepreneurship course, but deeper.


This course gives you a roadmap to entrepreneurship, guiding you through all the ups, downs and turnarounds of the rollercoaster ride you are about to embark upon. Through this course, you’ll be prompted to ask yourself all the hard questions, you’ll be given the tools to discover and develop your own personal strengths as a leader and decision-maker, you’ll be taken through the MIT-proven framework that will see you question and test every area of your business, product and customer before you go to market. You’ll emerge on the other side of this course prepared for your entrepreneurial adventure, armed and ready to build your business.


Your teachers, Rachel Hentsch and Sally Coldrick, have between them over 40 years experience in the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds, having weathered the ups and downs of 5 startups collectively in that time. Rachel has a background as an Architect whilst Sally is from a Strategy background at a global management consulting firm.

The Curious Entrepreneur online course uses the teachings, tools and frameworks as developed by MIT, one of the world’s most impactful Entrepreneurship Education Institutions.

As both entrepreneurs and mothers, Sally and Rachel firmly believe in curiosity as a powerful but often underestimated learning tool.

They are Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) certified to teach ‘New Ventures Leadership’. In 2016, the two met after having been accepted to MIT’s world-renowned training program to teach entrepreneurship. Combining their extensive entrepreneurial experience and the proven framework developed by MIT, they believe this course to be the secret to developing your own entrepreneurial superpower, risk-proofing new business ventures and improving existing ones.


The Curious Entrepreneur is by definition, curious. They are not afraid to ask the tricky questions to uncover their true entrepreneurial purpose, passion and superpowers. They’re in exploratory mode and in this mode they’re able to uncover new ideas and ways of doing things that may remain unseen by their competitors. They’re also passionate, open-minded and creative about life and their business, they want to ask all the questions to come up with the best outcomes, often breeding innovation and brilliant ideas as a result. The Curious Entrepreneur is the entrepreneur of the future.



  • Show you the infinite possibilities that cultivating curiosity opens you up to
  • Provide hands-on exercises, placing the importance on doing as well as thinking
  • Derisk the risk of becoming an entrepreneur
  • Teach you to ask yourself all the right questions along your journey and become a better problem solver
  • Help you to discover and take advantage of your own personal ‘entrepreneurial’ strengths and traits
  • Explain the importance of diversity on teams
  • Take you through the framework that you can use to test, develop, refine your ideas and business
  • Deliver the content in bite-sized format to fit into your busy daily routine



This is NOT a course about creating the perfect pitch, finding accelerators or incubators in the ever-growing startup ecosystem around the world.


  • Self-paced online course, 7 modules (we recommend you allow 4 weeks to work through these)
  • 27 bite-sized video lectures with visuals, taught by Rachel & Sally
  • 22 hands-on worksheets to help you discover your own personal entrepreneurial superpower and question your business, product and market assumptions
  • 40 years of combined experience in the entrepreneurial and corporate space
  • Experience behind the success and failure of 5 start ups
  • 15 resource recommendations tailored to entrepreneurs
  • Lifetime access to course and all materials

MIT-Certified Teachers in New Ventures Leadership

Rachel Hentsch & Sally Coldrick

Sally Coldrickis a resourceful and visionary leader with a background in strategic marketing. Sally has developed her leadership strengths across a diverse range of industries and global markets. She is a connector of people and pioneer of big ideas, designed to accelerate organisational growth. This is complemented by her passion to inspire creativity and curiosity in those around her, which drives results that maximise return on investment. Sally's experience spans strategic planning, employment branding, stakeholder management, and community building. Sally has two children (aged 3 & 6) and is married to an Englishman. They currently live in Brisbane, Australia.Rachel Hentschbelieves in the power of Technology as a means to enhance the human Sharing experience at all levels: spreading opportunities to learn, discover and grow. She is an Architect-turned-Digital-Entrepreneur with a wide spectrum of professional experience that spans from innovative digital startup experience across architectural work to business development, PR, interpreting work, writing and experience in television production. She is mother to five children (ages12 to 23), is happily married and lives in Rome, Italy.About InfinityFoundrySally and Rachel's shared passions led them to co-found InfinityFoundry.Incubated at MIT, InfinityFoundry is building a global community of aspiring and active makers, innovators and entrepreneurs. We advocate curiosity, education, diversity and storytelling as powerful learning tools. Connect, engage and learn at

Course curriculum

  • 2

    MODULE #1: What is Entrepreneurship?

    • Part 1: Myth-Buster Time

    • Stepping Stone #1a: Myth-Buster - True or False?

    • Part 2: Seven Truths About Entrepreneurship

  • 3

    MODULE #2: Entrepreneurship Can Be Learned

    • Part 1: Key Definitions & Global Landscape

    • Part 2: You Can Do This

    • Stepping Stone #2a: Is Entrepreneurship Genetic?

    • Part 3: Empowering YOU

    • Stepping Stone #2b: Map Your Current State & Future Goals

  • 4

    MODULE #3: Know Thyself, Respect thy Team

    • Part 1a: Learn About Yourself & Understand Others

    • Stepping Stone #3a: Diversity Awareness Questionnaire

    • Part 1b: Learn About Yourself & Understand Others (contd.)

    • Part 2: Learn About Your Entrepreneurial Self

    • Stepping Stone #3b: Identify Your Entrepreneurial Talents

    • Part 3: The Importance Of Teamwork

    • Part 4: Team Role Distribution & Accountability

    • Stepping Stone #3c: The RACI Matrix & Handling Team Conflict

    • Stepping Stone #3d: The Power Of Accountability

  • 5

    MODULE #4: Cultivating Mindfulness & Curiosity

    • Part 1: Vulnerability & Empowerment

    • Stepping Stone #4a: On Vulnerability

    • Part 2: Mindfulness & Body Intelligence

    • Stepping Stone #4b: Mindfulness & Body Intelligence Resources

    • Part 3: Rediscover Your Curiosity

    • Stepping Stone #4c: Where Will You Be In 3 Years? Introducing ‘A Tool For Life’

    • Stepping Stone #4d: 20 Acts of Curiosity  

    • Stepping Stone #4e: Gratitude Sheet

    • Stepping Stone #4f: Injection Of Creative Juices - Videos

  • 6

    MODULE #5: Grow Your Grit

    • Part 1: Grit & Achievement

    • Stepping Stone #5a: How Gritty Are You?

    • Part 2: Anti-Fragility

    • Part 3: Grow Your Grit

    • Stepping Stone #5b: Catalytic Questioning 2 & Defining Your High-Level Goal

  • 7

    MODULE 6: Introduction to Disciplined Entrepreneurship

    • Part 1: Introduction To Disciplined Entrepreneurship

    • Stepping Stone #6a: Introduction To Disciplined Entrepreneurship

    • Part 2: Know Your Customer

    • Stepping Stone #6b: Six Questions - Take 1

    • Part 3: What Can You Do For Your Customer?

    • Stepping Stone #6c: Create A Flyer For Your Product_Service

    • Part 4: How Will You Make Money & Grow Your Business?

    • Part 5: The Design & Build Phase

    • Stepping Stone #6d: Six Questions - Take 2 - Getting Deeper Into The 24 steps

    • Stepping Stone #6e: The 24 Steps - What & Why Cheat Sheet

  • 8

    MODULE #7: To Plunge, or Not To Plunge?

    • Part 1: A Recap

    • Part 2: What Next?

    • Stepping Stone #7a: The Curious Entrepreneur- A Recap Of Resources

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