Course Description

Curiosity has the power to make us reach far beyond our perceived limits.

Are you brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and find out where YOUR curiosity may take you?

Curiosity is THE starting point for growth, discovery and creation.

Maybe you are a student looking to start your own business; a parent returning to work; a corporate professional thinking of entering the colorful world of entrepreneurship - or are you an intrapreneur, looking for ways to create positive disruption internally?

The best thing about curiosity is... it doesn't matter how young or old you are: you have the ability to unleash its power! And the same applies for entrepreneurship - you are never too old or too young to start!


Simple. Each of the 7 challenges includes:
- a "Quote du Jour" to muse over
- a simple Act of Curiosity to be selected from a choice of 3 fun tasks to try out, to gently push you out of your comfort zone
- a Dig Deep Question that you will need to really stop and think about to answer (this should take you 10-15 minutes).

The way we suggest you do this is to complete one challenge, every two days for the next two weeks.

We are sure you will have as much fun doing the challenge, as we did while creating it for you!

Go on, do it! Take our FREE mini course The Curiosity Challenge.

MIT-Certified Teachers in New Ventures Leadership

Rachel Hentsch & Sally Coldrick

Sally Coldrickis a resourceful and visionary leader with a background in strategic marketing. Sally has developed her leadership strengths across a diverse range of industries and global markets. She is a connector of people and pioneer of big ideas, designed to accelerate organisational growth. This is complemented by her passion to inspire creativity and curiosity in those around her, which drives results that maximise return on investment. Sally's experience spans strategic planning, employment branding, stakeholder management, and community building. Sally has two children (aged 3 & 6) and is married to an Englishman. They currently live in Brisbane, Australia.Rachel Hentschbelieves in the power of Technology as a means to enhance the human Sharing experience at all levels: spreading opportunities to learn, discover and grow. She is an Architect-turned-Digital-Entrepreneur with a wide spectrum of professional experience that spans from innovative digital startup experience across architectural work to business development, PR, interpreting work, writing and experience in television production. She is mother to five children (ages12 to 23), is happily married and lives in Rome, Italy.About InfinityFoundrySally and Rachel's shared passions led them to co-found InfinityFoundry.Incubated at MIT, InfinityFoundry is building a global community of aspiring and active makers, innovators and entrepreneurs. We advocate curiosity, education, diversity and storytelling as powerful learning tools. Connect, engage and learn at

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Curiosity Challenge #1 - CULTIVATING CURIOSITY

    • The Curiosity Challenge Worksheet #1- CULTIVATING CURIOSITY

    • VIDEO #1 - Start Cultivating Your Curiosity!

  • 2

    Curiosity Challenge #2 - KNOW THYSELF

    • VIDEO #2 - How well do you know yourself?

    • The Curiosity Challenge Worksheet #2- KNOW THYSELF

  • 3

    Curiosity Challenge #3 - VULNERABILITY

    • VIDEO #3 - Are your curiosity levels rising?

    • The Curiosity Challenge Worksheet #3 - VULNERABILITY

  • 4

    Curiosity Challenge #4 - BODY INTELLIGENCE

    • VIDEO #4 - What has your body told you lately?

    • The Curiosity Challenge Worksheet #4 - BODY INTELLIGENCE

  • 5

    Curiosity Challenge #5 - GOAL SETTING

    • VIDEO #5 - The best things in life are never easy. Aim high.

    • The Curiosity Challenge Worksheet #5 - GOAL SETTING

  • 6

    Curiosity Challenge #6 - YOUR CUSTOMER

    • VIDEO #6 - Get curious about the people you want to help or serve.

    • The Curiosity Challenge Worksheet #6- YOUR CUSTOMER

  • 7

    Curiosity Challenge #7 - WHAT WILL YOU DO NEXT?

    • VIDEO #7 - What new thinking have you uncovered?

    • The Curiosity Challenge Worksheet #7 - WHAT’S NEXT